Travelling Light: Stories from the world we explored in the 70s

Steve Lowndes



This is the true story of life on the road for two young people back in the day when travel was one big adventure. In 1969 Steve Lowndes and Lisa Potts met by chance at a dusty bus stop in Bolivia and spent the next ten years travelling around the world together. Pakistan, Russia, Greece, Turkey, Iran, America, Canada, Indonesia, Australia… all these countries and more attracted our intrepid travellers in their quest to explore, to experience the unfamiliar, in the new decade of the 1970s.

These are the days before credit cards, mobile phones or internet cafés, when the journey itself is the point of the experience, destinations are vaguely on the other side of the planet, and getting there simply takes as long as it takes.

Full of colour, beauty, romance and the pleasures of the open road, these tales of two travellers in the days before mass tourism and clogged cities, lovingly recalled here by Steve and beautifully photographed by Lisa, really are journeys to write home about. No plans, just you, your passport, a change of clothes and the appeal of the unknown, the thrill of taking on whatever tomorrow brings.

Whether you made a similar journey, or wanted to, or would like to, or are yet to be seduced by the lure of the road less travelled, Travelling Light is the book for you.

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About the Author

Steve Lowndes has had a checkered career since arriving in Aotearoa New Zealand in the winter of 1979. Making the transition from hippie traveller to being the father of two children was the first challenge. Five years as a builder’s labourer were followed by fourteen years as the director of Akaroa Museum and during that time he wrote three short histories of Akaroa, Banks Peninsula and
the Hurunui. He then went into local government serving on various boards and councils. He retired in 2019 as the Chairman of Environment Canterbury.
Writing and painting have been twin drawcards that have engaged him throughout his life when work hasn’t got in the way.
Steve and Lisa parted company twenty years ago, but have stayed in close contact and this book, designed by their daughter Alicia, has been a collaborative family effort.
He now lives at Birdlings Flat in Canterbury with his partner Susan Morrow.

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ISBN: 9781991103024

Pages: 320

Dimensions: 170 x 240mm

Format: Flexibind – Endpapers + Ribbon

Author: Steve Lowndes

Photography: Lisa Potts

Published: December 2022