About Quentin Wilson Publishing

Quentin Wilson Publishing is a small New Zealand, Christchurch-based, independent publishing house. It publishes in a traditional commercial manner between six and eight titles a year. These may result from international rights purchases, manuscripts commissioned or requested by QWP, publishing Options with existing QWP authors, submissions from literary agents, and our considering unsolicited manuscripts.

We bring our passion and experience to every part of the book-publishing process. Our deliberately diverse publishing list embraces our areas of both interest and expertise, including:

  • literary fiction
  • historical fiction
  • crime fiction
  • speculative fiction including historical fantasy/magical realism, sci-fi and general fantasy
  • children’s and young adult fiction
  • creative non-fiction
  • general non-fiction including history, gardening, cookery, health & wellbeing, hunting & fishing, politics, biography, and sports & leisure
  • poetry


Publisher Quentin Wilson and Associate Editor Jane McKenzie each brings more than three decades of experience in all aspects of book publishing including:

  • manuscript assessment
  • professional editing, proof-reading, and writing
  • cover and page design
  • cover and page layout
  • local and international book printing oversight and management
  • international rights sales
  • publicity and marketing
  • trade sales and distribution
  • book launches, both in-store and virtual online launches
  • commissioning of new titles

Foreign rights

As a result of attending leading book fairs such as Frankfurt and London, Quentin Wilson has sold international trade publishing rights, eBook rights, Audiobook rights, and foreign language rights to publishers in countries as diverse as Canada, the USA, England, Scotland, Italy, Germany, India, Brazil, Mexico, and Russia, and dealt with book-trade distributors in Australia, the UK, and the USA.

Our people

We contract with others who bring similar years of experience to their crafts. These are professionals within the book-publishing world and include editors, proofreaders, book designers, graphic artists, illustrators, page layout professionals, project managers, book distributors, book trade sales representatives, book publicists, and social marketing personnel, all with extensive and often award-winning experience in their respective fields.

In the final stages of book production, we work with printers and binders both nationally and internationally, some of whom Quentin Wilson has worked with for more than thirty years, when necessary visiting them in order to oversee each stage of the printing process.

Publishing services

In addition to its commercial list, Quentin Wilson Publishing acts as a book publishing consultant and service-providing book producer to large and small publishers – nationally and internationally – and also to companies, families, or individuals self-publishing their own work. See under Publishing Services to learn more.

about quentin wilson publishing

Quentin Wilson


New Zealand publisher

Jane McKenzie

Associate Editor