Due to a high volume of submissions that are of exceptional quality, Quentin Wilson Publishing is not accepting unsolicited poetry manuscripts at this time.

Fiction and Non-fiction

Traditional Publishing

Between six and eight titles a year are published in a traditional commercial manner by Quentin Wilson Publishing. These may result from international rights purchases, manuscripts commissioned or requested by QWP, publishing Options with existing QWP authors, submissions from literary agents, and occasionally, our considering unsolicited manuscripts (that is, MSS submitted by authors without the publisher having requested them).

Unsolicited submissions of titles that would normally be underwritten by Quentin Wilson Publishing are currently closed.

The process

If you have a proposal that you would like considered, please submit to Quentin Wilson, Publisher, via email (, the following: a brief synopsis of the proposal; an outline of any personal experience, professional or otherwise, that is relevant to your submission; the Contents and first three chapters if non-fiction, but the entire manuscript in a Word file preferably, if fiction. In your introductory email, make sure that you include your full name, your full address, and other contact information, including postcode and phone numbers.

Please do not expect an immediate response. We get a great many submissions, and even initial assessments of publishing proposals can take a considerable amount of time.

Publishing Services

Quentin Wilson Publishing is also a book-publishing consultant and a full-service book producer to other publishers and to organisations, companies, families, or individuals publishing under their own imprints – both nationally and internationally. Our professional publishing services include: manuscript assessment; editing and proofreading; book design and page layout; New Zealand and international book printing oversight and management; book launches, both in-store and virtual online launches; sales and distribution; media publicity; direct marketing and social marketing, and seeking to sell international rights.

In each aspect of the publishing process, we work with highly skilled professionals of long-standing in the book publishing world. Any combination or feature of the publishing services above is offered to small or large publishers seeking to utilise them, especially, for example, when dealing with international printers.

Further information

If you would like further information about writing and getting published in New Zealand, please visit the following websites:

The New Zealand Society of Authors site contains information about writing and publishing, including manuscript assessors, writing grants, self-publishing and ebooks.

The Publishers Association of New Zealand site has useful information about New Zealand publishing and contains a comprehensive list of New Zealand publishers.