The Candle Trees

Anthony Holcroft



When Julian meets Julia, he is less than impressed. After all, what 13-year-old boy looks forward to having his great-granny join the household? But on discovering a diary written by Julia when a young girl, he becomes absorbed in the account of her wild, romantic adventures in a remote South American forest as she goes in search of the legendary and magical Candle Trees.
Julia is supposed to be safely at home on her uncle’s remote estate but the date is 1899 and a new century is dawning. Julia is a modern miss, inquisitive and restless for adventure, and ignoring rumours of evil spirits, wild animals and even wilder men, she steps into the forest’s mysterious interior alone – and vanishes. A long and dangerous journey lies ahead, filled with wonders, strange encounters and terrifying ordeals. But the lure of the Candle Trees is irresistible, and Julia makes discoveries beyond her wildest imaginings.
The Candle Trees is a wondrous tale, compelling in its power of the written word, and unites both Julia and Julian in the discovery that age is no barrier to experience, or to love.

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About the Author

Anthony Holcroft is an award-winning writer of fairy tales and stories of the supernatural. His books and stories for children have been published and anthologised in NewZealand, the UK, USA and Canada, and adapted for New Zealand radio and television. Awards and honours for his work include the International Reading Association’s Short Story Award, which recognises authors of outstanding short fiction for children worldwide (1991); The Choysa Bursary (1987); the White Raven Label Special Mention for A Visit to the Orchards of Heaven (2000) from the International Children’s Digital Library Munich, Germany (2000); and the inclusion of his picture book Chen Li and the River Spirit in the New Zealand Book Council’s 100 Best New Zealand Books of the 20th Century.
Anthony Holcroft lives with his wife Julia on a rural property near Rangiora in North Canterbury.

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ISBN: 9780995143708

Pages: 168

Dimensions: 152 x 229mm

Format: Limp bound, Matte, Spot UV

Author: Anthony Holcroft

Published: October 2022