me and my generation: why Boomers should claim the past and fight for the future

Robin Woodsford



The Baby Boomers: the first generation to unite globally with music, culture and action to challenge the personal and political power of those in authority. Growing up in a post-war world but living with the daily shadow of the Cold War and the growing horror of the Vietnam War, the Baby Boomers protested.

They were loud.
They were visible.
They weren’t going to take it anymore.
And they made a difference.

So what happened to all that juice and energy, that passion to change the world for the better that marked many of those who grew up in the Sixties and Seventies? Were they just a bunch of hippies after all?
Activist, creative entrepreneur and counsellor Robin Woodsford is a Baby Boomer and in this moving reflection on his life and times he discovers that his personal story is also a universal one.
More, he says the job’s not done yet and calls on fellow Baby Boomers to remember their passionate youth, to dust off their placards and to join their grandchildren on the front line as the world faces the new monster at the door – climate change.

Baby Boomers: it’s time to make your legacy count.

About the Author

Robin is a creative soul, an artist of life. A keen observer of human behaviour at all levels. A father, a partner, an entrepreneur, a lover of nature. An activist at many levels from political protest to the business development of progressive ideas. A good friend. A family man. A maker of fine wine, buildings, gardens, and restoration of old cars. Restoring the planet is his life’s passion!

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ISBN: 978-1-99-110318-5

Pages: 152

Dimensions: 229mm x 152mm

Authors: Robin Woodsford

Published: 12 June 2024