Kees Bruin: Visions of the Real

John C. Stringer
Kees Bruin


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For more than five decades of dedicated painterly practice and exhibition, Kees Bruin has established a unique visionary identity within the framework of New Zealand realism that is enthusiastically commissioned and collected internationally. His three overlapping categories: photo-realism, super-realism and what he terms “visionary-realism,” sprung from a personal search for all things truth hence his clever use of symbol, have gifted us exquisite panoramic landscapes,  expressions of cultural pursuits such as surfing and skateboarding often imbued with metaphor, single and group portraits, reinterpretations of masters, especially the Dutch Golden Age, elaborated ‘still-lifes’ and works that explore elements of western Judaeo-Christian histories combined with contemporaneous fashions,  settings and views to and from the earth. This personal genre launches us as art viewers into emotional odysseys of timeless human concern: Spirituality, the universe, beauty, truth, life and death, sex, betrayal, vanity and loss, as well as using paint to express beauty for its own sake.

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About the Author

With degrees in art history and classics, John Stringer brings a depth to appreciating both contemporary and ancient art as an expression of human culture. Having worked in both the church and the art sector, he is qualified to unpack Kees Bruin’s unique painting career. Stringer is a published author and historian with interests in archaeology, faith and art. He lives in Christchurch with his wife, Laurie. They have five children, four grandchildren, and two British bulldogs. John continues to write and research on history, art history and faith and is a practising artist himself.

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Kees Bruin: Visions of the Real by John C. Stringer & Kees Bruin


ISBN: 9780995143807

Pages: 192

Dimensions: 300mm x 300mm

Format: Hardback

Authors: John C. Stringer and Kees Bruin

Published: 12 October 2021