Dark Sky: Murder among the stars

Marie Connolly



Criminal psychologist Nellie Prayle loves solving murders. The more complicated, the better. But when a professor of astronomy is found dead at Tekapo’s Mt John Observatory during its internationally-attended 50th anniversary conference celebrations and Detective Jack Simmons calls on Nellie to help with the police investigation, she soon realises that this is not your typical murder – and nor are these your usual suspects.

As Nellie and Jack venture into the Dark Sky Reserve in Aotearoa New Zealand’s beautiful Mackenzie Country, they uncover a universe of rivalries, infidelities and emotional turmoil that pushes people to the edge. International intrigue and a tangle of motives
unfold against a glittering backdrop of bright stars in this gripping tale of crime and passion, and as Nellie knows only too well, nothing in the world of academia is straightforward.

About the Author

Marie Connolly has been an academic for over thirty years in university and government settings. An expert in child welfare she has published extensively, including twenty scholarly books, and has travelled the world undertaking research into child protection systems. She began her academic career at the University of Canterbury and has worked at senior levels of government in New Zealand. In 2010 she moved to Australia to take up a professorial Chair at the University of Melbourne. In 2019 she retired and returned to Aotearoa where she continues to write academic non-fiction, and has published six story books in the Our Backyard series of travel books for children. She has also contributed to and edited a book of Fantabulous Fables, published in 2023 by the Akaroa Community Arts Council. She lives in Akaroa with her partner George, and Dark Sky is her first murder mystery.

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ISBN: 978-1-99-110331-4

Pages: 240

Dimensions: 229mm x 152mm

Author: Marie Connolly

Published: March 2024

Binding: Softcovers